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Israel Bat Mitzvah Photography | Destination Bat Mitzvah Photographer – part 2 | Sydney’s Bat Mitzvah

Not only did the Klein family celebrate Sydney’s Bat Mitzvah with a fabulous party, but they, along with Emunah of America and Save the Day Events, planned a week-long trip for their friends and family in Israel. We started in Jerusalem and made our made north to the Golan Heights. Here are just some of the highlights from their amazing trip.

Private Havdallah service to mark the end of the Sabbath

Real archeological dig at Tel Maresha

1st of 2 water hikes, this first hike at Alona Park had us walking through ancient aqueducts where water levels ranged from ankles to waist high! We had to use flashlights to see, as the tunnel only had a few openings of daylight

Snorkeling at Nachsholim beach before a beachside BBQ, drum circle and dancing!

A stop at De Karina Chocolate made this chocoholic happy 🙂

2nd water hike at Madresse – lots of water/splashing fights throughout the hike

This group LOVED karaoke – especially when “Call Me, Maybe” came on

In the northern Golan Heights, a stop at Moshav Shaar Yashuv for off-roading jeeps. The countryside continued to be a stunning sight.

A trip to Israel isn’t complete without rafting down the Jordan River

Before a boat ride along the Kinnert – a surprise flash mob for the mitzvah girl!

A day trip to Tzippori, site of the ancient city where the Mishna was written

Ancient sites, crazy excursions, dancing, laughing, celebrating, family – Sydney’s Bat Mitzvah was a celebration like no other. Thanks again to the Klein family for bringing me a long to document this extraordinary trip!