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{Love Everlasting Project} Ally + Amy

Ally + Amy

October 25, 2015

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Favorite memory from your 1st year of marriage:

Discussing our plans to do construction on our home and start our family. We spent a lot of the first year trying to understand the entire fertility process and also spending time on the contractor process. We now have officially started both processes. We hope to be pregnant within 2017 🙂  The first year was more of the planning and those times spent together will always be remembered because they were the discussions of our foundation – both figuratively and literally.

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Favorite memory of your most recent year of marriage:

Ally lost her engagement ring and one of her wedding bands recently. We were both extremely upset about this loss and Ally would say she felt like she lost a piece of her. The night Ally lost her ring, she was taking out the recyclables to the front curb during a cold night. Somehow the rings must have fallen off and ended up in the recycling bin full of papers. We were searching everywhere and had no recollection of where they could be. Fortunately that night it snowed and the papers weren’t taken. We decided to give the garbage one last look and Ally first found the wedding band. We then knew the engagement ring had to be somewhere but there was so much snow and our hopes were low. Amy decided to take the papers and literally just shake all of them; somehow the ring came flying out. We both were jumping up and down with gratitude. The rings are really symbolic of our wedding day and we felt like we relived the entire ceremony at that moment.

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Have you learned anything new or surprising about your partner since you’ve gotten married?

Ally continues to be surprised by Amy’s patience and calming ways. Even in the most difficult situations, Amy finds a way to remain positive.

Amy has learned that Ally is much more resilient then she leads on. Being a same sex couple there are certain challenges that we do experience and Ally’s resilience is always a strong factor when we try and find solutions.

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Piece of advice you’d give other people getting married:

Enjoy the simplicities of life and don’t over complicate situations. Remembering to be your partner’s “cheerleader” when times are tough and laugh at mistakes. Marriage is beautiful and sharing your journey with someone is special. Don’t forget to laugh, but also remember it is okay to cry. Don’t ever take your love for granted and saying “I love you” should never end.

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  • Adam ZytoMarch 28, 2017 - 7:00 pm

    Wishing you both many years of love, health and happiness together. I know that you’ll wonderful parents, hopefully soon. As always…to the heart.

  • Maria BrunoMarch 28, 2017 - 11:03 pm

    Congrats on your union, anniversary, and your future. Together, it surely will be bright.

  • ShannonMarch 29, 2017 - 12:21 pm

    This is beautiful – loved reading your story and seeing how happy you both are. I can’t wait to meet your little one! xoxo

  • Sheri JoynerApril 22, 2017 - 11:50 am

    Such a beautiful story, keep shining your light. Wishing the both of you many years of health and happiness!

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