Adena, Wedding Photographer in NYC and NJ
Adena, Wedding Photographer in NYC and NJ

Welcome! I’m happy to meet you!  

Studio A Images specializes in wedding, event and portrait photography. This work is a perfect fit for me because storytelling is my craft; documentary style photography is my medium. 

I love working with couples who are authentic, fun, down-to-earth, and want to celebrate their individuality. Years in photojournalism honed my attention to the moments that tell a compelling story - your unique love story - with presence, honesty, and intimacy. Whether my couples create a wedding of quiet elegance, or whimsical moxie, or radiant splendor, they look through their wedding photos afterward and say, “Yes, that’s me. That was my day.” 

I preserve the surprises. I capture the tenderness. And I cherish your joy. To me, that’s success. 

So let’s sit together and talk. I love meeting couples at my space in a cute little row house in Hoboken, just a train stop away from NYC. I’m also happy to travel when it’s needed. 

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