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Adena, Wedding Photographer in NYC and NJ
Adena, Wedding Photographer in NYC and NJ

Welcome! I’m Adena and this is Studio A Images. 

Striking portraits, killer candids, and amazing service are what Studio A Images does best. 

I love working with couples who are authentic, fun, down-to-earth, and want to celebrate their individuality. 

I’m honored that people invite me to be a part of their wedding day and that my photos will tell their story for years to come. I like to get to know you first, whether it be through your engagement session or dinner at your favorite restaurant, so that I’m not a stranger that walks up to you on a very important day of your life. I would never treat a couple as just another set of names in fancy clothes. Instead I want to get to know your love story so that I can capture it with honesty and intimacy. I love when couples have unique touches to their day that are special and their own and maybe a little different. Whether my couples create a wedding of quiet elegance, or whimsical moxie, or radiant splendor, I want them to look through their wedding photos afterward and say, “Yes, that’s me. That was my day.” 

So let’s get together and chat! I love meeting couples at my space in a cute little row house in Hoboken, just a train stop away from NYC. I’m also happy to travel when it’s needed.  

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